2004 was the beginning of His story in us. What was initially a small group of devoted young people in Jesus led to the birth of a church named The Generation for Christ. 

2007 marked a new chapter of our ministry as we embraced the fundamental calling of a church as God's people called out from darkness into His light to stand at the gate and serve the people of the city. Citygate Fellowship Church was born.

2015 set an important milestone as the church took a permanent home at Mascot and entered a new season of maturing, expanding, pioneering and growing. More ministries were born, more emerging leaders were raised, more LifeHouses were multiplied, more generations were served, and more souls were won.  

There have been plenty of changes that occurred throughout the period and baton of leadership was passed on from one generation to the next, but the core of Citygate has never changed and never moved away from the fundamental of Jesus' own vision for His church. Citygate has always been and will always be a simple church focusing on what matters most: LOVING GOD, LOVING PEOPLE, AND MAKING DISCIPLES.

Citygate is a modern contemporary Christian church in affilation with Australian Christian Churches (ACC).


Frengky & Steffi Kosasih
  • Senior Pastor
Andy & Christiani Santoso

To build a Kingdom generation of Christ who loves God, loves people, and makes disciples in order to equip the saints to champion in temporary earthly living and rule in eternal Kingdom living.


To become a gospel-driven transforming church which restores people’s spiritual inner being into God’s image, cultivates their potential and skill to excel in life stewardship, releases them to the world as living message.


CHRISTLIKENESS - we strive for the likeness of Christ's image.
COMMUNITY - we share lives in Christ's compassion, grace and truth.
DISCIPLESHIP - we transform lives by making people disciples of Christ.
RESPONSIBILITY - we steward God-given resources in God's service.
ETERNAL LIFE - we sojourn, making our way home to eternity.


Citygate Fellowship Church is affiliated with Australian Christian Churches, the largest movement of pentecostal churches in Australia. Citygate adopts the Statement of Beliefs and Doctrinal Basis of the Australian Christian Churches, which can be found here.